Our little garden is starting to mature! 🙂 We originally had plans for a huge garden, but since we’re new at this, we thought we’d take it slow and build a couple of beds this year and add more beds every year. What’s the rush? Even though now I’m kind of wishing I had just one more bed to grow some other stuff, but I figure, you always want one more bed, right?See those hills behind the beds? That’s where I’d love to plant some grapes for a vineyard someday. When we originally bought this house, I fell in love with the land and imagined a vineyard, barrels of wine, and maybe opening up a winery downtown. We’ll see though, I have soooo many dreams.


The strawberries are starting to grow! Aren’t they so cute? We were going to cover the garden beds to keep away wild life but so far its been ok. *Knock on wood!*


Our awesome neighbor gave us 3 tomato plants! My seedlings all died, guys 🙁 I think I watered them to death. But luckily, we live near farmers and have been able to get some great deals on plants.

How’s your garden coming along? I can’t wait to eat all this fresh food!