One of the things that I’ve loved about moving to the Ozarks is the abundance of Mennonite businesses throughout the area. I never really understood what they were about until I moved here but they are like the OG of the off grid movement. A lot of them settle in areas with good, fertile land with little to no building codes. So if you’re looking to build an alternative house and don’t want building codes interfering with your dreams, it might be a good idea to check out some areas with a large number of Mennonite and/or Amish populations.

mennonite horses

Their stores are packed with everything a vegan could dream of – grains, legumes, spices, seeds, and veggies/fruits. It’s like a farmer’s market that is open everyday (except Sundays) year round with awesome bulk pricing. Seriously, THE BEST. This past trip I got spinach pasta, quinoa, onions, potatoes, garam masala, frozen veggies and fruit, pretzels, split peas, wild rice, dark chocolate covered peanuts, and so much more that I can’t remember right now.

bargain table

Bargain table – 75% of their store is mostly vegan (whole grains, legumes, spices, and veggies)

We found out that one of the stores around here focuses on just selling seeds known to grow in the area so we checked it out a couple weeks ago. There was every variety of seed – from rainbow colored peppers to purple carrots, and black tomatoes. And of course the normal colors too! 🙂

organic seeds

They had a huge selection of certified organic seeds. We ended up getting garlic & onion bulbs, variety of beans (Kentucky wonder, navy, blue lake, & provider), carrots, salad bowl green, cucumbers, squash, watermelon, a couple varieties of tomatoes (roma & beefsteak), kale, arugula, sweet peppers, basil, & broccoli.

We still have a lot of leftover seeds that were gifted to us as well as some seeds from the garden last year so didn’t go too crazy!

seed shopping

This sweet St. Bernard was walking around outside

seed shopping