I feel like a lot of people want to work from home but they don’t know where to start. Or they think it’s not a viable option. They know some people have remote jobs, but they’re the lucky ones. Surely remote work is hard to find.

Or is it?

I can tell you, whether you have a college degree or not, there is something for you.

The world is changing and new (smart) companies are realizing that it doesn’t make sense to have an expensive corporate office with unnecessary rent prices if the majority of their work is done online.

In the past year I’ve received 3 full time remote job offers with health benefits. That’s WAY more job offers than I received living in the city.

So what changed?

I think my mindset and the tools I’ve been using have drastically improved. So here’s what has worked for me and I hope it works for you too!

1. Use Canva.com to create a modern resume –

When I first discovered Canva, I loved it so much that I wanted to keep it a secret to myself – but it’s too good not to share! 🙂 You can browse through a number of their templates and quickly create a stunning, modern resume or design your own for free! Make sure to download your completed file as a PDF. I say this because back in the day I used to save my resume as a Word document – don’t do that! A PDF will make sure that everything stays just like you want it and doesn’t get distorted. 
remote work

2. Get on Linkedin.com

If you’re already on Linkedin, you can skip this part. Just make sure your profile is up to date with a professional picture. If you’re not on there – definitely create a profile. The reason I think it is especially important to be on Linkedin while applying for remote jobs is because employers have nothing to go by but your online reputation. Linkedin can help create trust and validate that you did in fact work at the places you stated on your resume. 

3. Sign up for Flexjobs.com

This website is by far my favorite to find remote work because a lot of the job posts include benefits. It does cost around $47 / year but it’s so worth it to find legit remote companies. I was able to find a job through here in a position that I’ve wanted to do for a while by using their filters. For example, you can filter by just marketing jobs, you can exclude the word “bachelor’s” if you don’t have one, filter by entry level positions, full time vs. part time, etc. To filter by 100% full time remote jobs, follow the advanced search below.

remote work

*NOTE: If you want to look for work anywhere in the United States, you will want to type in “US National” in the “U.S. Location” Field. If you want to look for work anywhere in the world, you will want to type in “work from anywhere” in the “U.S. Location” Field.

Upwork.com is another good website for freelance/contract work and you can sometimes end up getting hired as an employee with health benefits. It seems like every day a new remote job site pops up. Some other ones I’ve seen that look good but haven’t used are remote.ok, weworkremotely.com, and jobspresso.co

4. Keep a positive attitude –

I know sometimes this is easier said than done, but really there is so much to be grateful for. The fact that we have remote work as an option now is amazing. 50 years ago people had to go work at factories to make a good living and we now have the option to work from our couches! Be grateful as you browse the jobs and the positive energy will stick around during your interview.

If you see a position that you really want to do but don’t have the experience, get the experience! For example, I was in sales but really wanted to transition to digital marketing so I created this website and volunteered with my town to make them a website and helped them with PR. I did this because I genuinely love it and now have experience that I created on my own.

How to Find Your Passions & Purpose in Life

Maybe you’re really passionate about nutrition but have no experience and have only worked in customer service. You see that people are posting jobs for online nutrition counselors that look interesting.

So what do you do? 

You can take an online nutrition class that looks interesting, start up a nutrition site where you write about what you’ve learned, and talk about how your customer service experience has taught you to relate to everyone. Now you’re in a much better position to get your dream job!

Have you had success finding remote work? If so, what strategies worked best for you?