One of the things that I miss most about living in the city is the high walk score. I used to walk everywhere! So, I thought what better way to get exercise out here than go on hikes and do fun outdoorsy stuff? I mean we are in an outdoor paradise, might as well enjoy it!

lake of the ozarks state park beach #1

This past weekend Bobby and I went kayaking in Lake of the Ozarks State Park. The state park has numerous trails and two sandy beaches. This trip, we went to Beach #1. I didn’t get the memo but apparently the thing to do on the beach is bring an inflatable to float around. Will definitely keep that in mind for next time as it looked so fun and relaxing!

Near the beach, they have an area where you can rent kayaks and canoes for $20 / 2 hours. They get you fitted with life jackets and tell you to kayak to the left as it’s a little more shallow so boats tend to stay away. If you cross the lake to the other side and kayak along the huge rock wall, you will pass a little cave on the right. You can’t enter it, but it’s cool to peek in.Β 

kayak lake of the ozarks

kayaking lake ozarks

After a fun day of kayaking, we decided to fill our bellies up at Shawnee Bluff Winery. They have a vineyard in Eldon and their winery is right around the state park in Lake Ozark / Osage Beach area. The winery overlooks the lake and they had live music when we went. They have so many delicious wines to choose from. I went with the light and breezy RosΓ©. As far as vegan meals go, they have a very filling hummus plate and incredible sweet potato fries. They also have flat breads that I’m pretty sure could be made vegan without the cheese.

shawnee bluff winery

I saw that that the winery is starting to do lake view yoga classes so I’ll have to check it out. Wine + yoga + pool = count me in!

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