I thought it could be fun to do a post on stuff that I find online and bookmark on my browser. It will be a great way to organize my bookmarks and hopefully share some cool stuff that you may not have found otherwise. So here are some of my bookmarks this week:

HarvestRight Freeze Dryer

Why I love it: To be honest, canning scares me a little. I’ve read that if you do it incorrectly, you could die and knowing me… well… I don’t know if I trust myself with that kind of responsibility. This seems less risky for a newb like me (but also pricey). So, this is going to my bookmarks tab for a time when we can afford it. Also, fun fact: Ron Paul is the pitchman for this company.

Kalel’s Skincare Routine

Why I love it: I’m not typically an impulse buyer, but I’ve been following Kalel for a while and I trust her judgment. I watched this video at precisely the time I was searching for a skincare routine. I already had rose water, but ended up buying the face brush and Tatcha products. My skin has never felt better!

Some Great Romantic Movies that Don’t Suck

romantic movies

Why I love it: I feel like I’m starting to get a lot pickier with movies. I used to be able to watch movies and not really tell when someone wasn’t acting well, but now bad acting ruins movies for me. So, I bookmarked this list of romantic movies that don’t suck to watch this winter.

How to Get a Symmetrical Face

Why I love it: It’s simple to do while working on the computer. If it works, awesome! But if not, no time lost.

GreenTerra Prefab Home Kits

Why I love it: They’re one of the most affordable modern prefab home kits that I’ve been able to find online. We’ve been having a hard time finding a reliable builder for our home, so started to look into this option.